Landscape Design

Contact me for a more beautiful landscape for your home or business.

purple towers - flowers

For small and simple projects, a concept sketch may be all you require to take the ideas and make them happen.

curved front step to driveway

For more complex projects that include walkways, patios/decks, detailed gardens, grade changes, structures and additional elements, I recommend a landscape plan to properly map out and direct the professional installation of your project.


Landscape plans are an integral part of a successful landscape. Just as a house requires detailed plans to properly direct the safe and successful end result; so too does a landscape plan ensure the professional outcome that you have invested in and expect to achieve. If your goal is a beautiful functional landscape, then a professional landscape plan and the services of a landscape designer are worth the investment and time they require.


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Square cut limestone patioLandscape Plan Images

These are some examples of what a finished landscape plan can look like.



Square cut limestone patio3D Plan Images

3D models assist the home owner to visualize what the finished landscape design could look like.



Square cut limestone patioConcept Sketches

Hand drawn sketches to establish the new look for your home and landscape.


Square cut limestone patioDeck Design Plans

Residential decks of any size can be designed and structural deck plans of up to 500 sq ft can be completed for you to submit for permit purposes.

Square cut limestone patioPlant Picture Catalogue

Catalogues are provided with every landscape plan that includes plants. Each plant in the catalogue is represented with a colour image and is identified by both its common and botanical name.