Landscape Design

Contact me for a more beautiful landscape for your home or business.

purple towers - flowers

For small and simple projects, a concept sketch may be all you require to take the ideas and make them happen.

curved front step to driveway

For more complex projects that include walkways, patios/decks, detailed gardens, grade changes, structures and additional elements, I recommend a landscape plan to properly map out and direct the professional installation of your project.

Landscape Designs

Your landscape is more than just the space that sits around your house; it is the living part of where you live. There are limitless Beautiful Possibilities that can be achieved with your landscape through a well thought-out design and professional installation. The following categories are a few of the enhancements that can bring the outdoors more fully into your day to day enjoyment.

Square cut limestone patioPatios

Patios can enhance the look and value of your home and become a social hub where friends and family can meet to dine, relax and create lasting memories.



Square cut limestone patioWalkways and Steps

Walkways and steps can be some of the most heavily used spaces of your landscape. With an extensive array of product options to choose from there are endless ways to make these functional spaces beautiful..



Square cut limestone patioWater Features

Water is an element that brings a refreshing, tranquil tone wherever it is placed. City noise can be softened by the sound of falling water and aquatic habitats can attract an array of beneficial insects and interesting wildlife.


Square cut limestone patioGarden Design

Gardens are a growth industry! The addition of a garden to your landscape can bring more life to your life by creating a vibrant habitat for birds, butterflies and humans to enjoy.



Square cut limestone patioDecks

Decks are a popular way for homeowners to extend their living space from inside to outside. With the addition of details like great furniture, container plants, pergolas, etc., your deck can become everyone’s go-to place to relax.

Square cut limestone patioDriveways

Not just a place to park your car; your driveway can become an equal member in presenting your home in a flattering way.

Square cut limestone patioLandscape Structures

Add privacy, an artistic focal point, an escape from the elements, an outdoor kitchen. Landscape structures offer both form and function to your outdoor living experience.



Square cut limestone patioRetaining Walls

Functionally a necessity for many sloped lots, retaining walls can also be a great way to express your sense of style with natural stone, interlock products or other creative materials.